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Paul Rodzianko currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of the Hermitage Museum Foundation. Founded by Catherine the Great in 1764, today the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia is a unique international museum, consisting more than three million treasures of international art and antiquities. Under Mr. Rodzianko’s leadership, the Foundation raises awareness and support for the collections, exhibitions and continuing restoration of the Museum. The Foundation also sponsors public education programs, private curatorial tours, exhibitions of American art in the Hermitage, and member trips to the Hermitage. In September 2004 the Foundation in collaboration with Sotheby’s organized Hermitage Week in New York consisting of an exhibition of objects from the Hermitage Treasury never seen outside of Russia, concerts, lectures, and a scholarly symposium. In 2014 the Foundation is commemorating the Hermitage Museum’s 250th anniversary with a range of collaborative programs in the United States.

In addition to his work at the foundation, Mr. Rodzianko is a leading executive who has worked, and continues to work, in enterprises ranging from multi-national corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups in the United States, Russia, and the CIS in industries as diverse as energy, construction, environmental technology, and wineries. In all his endeavors, he has worked to find the intersection between business and culture. That commitment is reflected in his leadership roles at the U.S.-Russia Business Council, the Russian-American Cultural Cooperation Foundation, the Russian Orthodox Theological Fund, and the Kennan Council of the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute.


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